Top 5 Best Yoga Classes In Delhi

Top 5 Best Yoga Classes In Delhi

The capital of India, Delhi is known for its food, culture and obviously politics. But the busy inhabitants of this metro have all been on the run before you can even say ‘Yoga’.

best yoga classes in delhi

To bring peace as well as oneness with the mind, body, and soul using our ancestral discipline of Yoga, we give you the 10 best places for Yoga in Delhi!

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The Yoga Chakra –  Greater Kailash 1 and Greater Kailash 2.(best yoga classes in delhi)

The Yoga Chakra, with its two outlets, offers a variety of disciplines in yoga. Suspend from the ceiling using aerial silk or go for Vinyasa Yoga, this studio has a lot to offer!

Session Cost: INR 285 onwards

1 Month (studio membership): INR 4999


3. Her Fitness – Janakpuri(best yoga classes in delhi)

Yoga in any form is an effective low- impact exercise that can have positive effects on your blood pressure, stress level and mood and Her Fitness provides that along with other group activities like Zumba, Aerobics and so on!

Session Cost: INR 159 onwards

1 Month: INR 4000


4.Say Fitness – Lajpat Nagar(best yoga classes in delhi)

The holistic environment that Say Fitness provides is well suited for those looking for a fit inner core to build on inner strength apart from fitness outside while giving the much-desired flexibility. Be prepared to be nurtured by the warmth and peaceful environment to work out and de-stress.

Session Cost: INR 253 onwards

1 Month(8 sessions): INR 1799


5. Vivafit – Greater Kailash 2 (best yoga classes in delhi)

Ladies, Vivafit, is an urban sanctuary for your innermost being, a space rich with knowledge and healing energy. With a multitude of options available to chose from in the studio, it is sure to provide you with a holistic well being

Session Cost: INR 299 onwards

1 Month (studio membership): INR 5899


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